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Master home video editing with this course, covering fundamentals, techniques, and pro tips for creating engaging content across platforms.

Course Overview

Elevate your video editing skills with our comprehensive course, guiding you through fundamental principles, techniques, and pro tips. Join us to create impressive content across platforms, mastering INSTAGRAM MONTAGE, TIK TOK EDIT, YOUTUBE VLOG, SHOWCASE VIDEO, PROMOTIONAL VIDEO, COMMERCIAL, MUSIC VIDEO & DEMO REEL in various aspect ratios. Collaborate with us on key steps, including Editing Fundamentals and Workflow, Main Editing Techniques and Essentials, and Upgraded Refining Steps. Unlock the potential to craft professional, unique, and memorable videos that captivate your audience, enhancing your editing proficiency and unleashing your creative prowess from the comfort of your home. Seize this opportunity to produce outstanding content and make a lasting impact in the world of video creation.

Course Objectives

Project Library and aspect ratio
Download and Import Free Media Files and Editing
Green Screen, Color Grading, and LUT’S
Transitions, Effects, and Elements
Add Music, Audio Correction, and Sound Effects
Crop, zoom in, Zoom, Pan & Zoom
Text Animation and Typography
Video Editing, Project
Basic 2D Animation
Tell me about yourself

Internet connection

Video Editing
Transition Effects
Adding Text And Titles
Audio Editing
Special Effects And Filters
Color Correction And Grading
Storyboarding And Sequencing

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