Short VideoPreneur

This course harnesses the potency of bite-sized video content, acknowledging its impact with 85% message retention, 80% increased conversions, and broader reach, empowering businesses.

Course Overview

In the evolving landscape of online content consumption, users now expect bite-sized, fast-delivered content, and video stands out as a compelling tool in capturing attention. With 85% message retention, an 80% increase in conversions and sales, and significantly higher reach compared to traditional ads, videos are indispensable for a robust social media presence. As a business owner or marketer, leveraging video content across the customer journey becomes crucial for reaching a broader audience. The democratization of video production, even for solopreneurs, enables the creation of high-quality content without exorbitant costs or time investments, making it an accessible and impactful strategy in the contemporary digital era.

Course Objectives

How to grow your business?
How many types of videos are there?
Basics & equipments
How to choose viral topics for videos?
How to rank your video?
Short videos & Reels ideas
Tips to grow your instagram
How to monetize your social media
Lead generation through videos
How to get filtered leads?
How to get J-curve in sales?
Passive usage of videos
How to plan your videos so they achieve your goals
How to storyboard your videos
Create a script to make the entire process seamless and easy
Create an example video using my chosen video platform

Internet connection

Effective Storytelling
Effective Marketing
Mobile Video Creation
Understanding Video Analytics

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