Photoshop Easy

Master Adobe Photoshop CC Course. Learn design principles, tools, and advanced techniques for portfolio-ready skills.

Course Overview

Embark on a transformative journey from an absolute beginner to a skilled designer in this comprehensive Adobe Photoshop CC course. Starting with design principles, you'll delve into the basic tools, including clipping masks, layer masks, and selection tools. Learn advanced techniques such as background removal, object removal, color adjustment, and creating unique color looks. For photographers, master the Camera Raw Filter as an alternative to Adobe Lightroom. Explore text manipulation, 3D work, and crafting beautiful looks with layer styles. By course completion, you'll possess the skills of a proficient designer, ready to showcase dozens of artworks on your CV.

Course Objectives

Photoshop tools
Websites To Download Backgrounds and Vectors
Thumbnail Creation For Youtube Videos

Adobe Photoshop Software
Internet Connection

Graphic Designing
Thumbnail Creations
Text Manipulation
Design Principles

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