Chapter 1 - What is Sales?
Chapter 2 - Ethics of Sales
Chapter 3 - Potential of Sales
Chapter 4 - Side Effects of Sales
Chapter 5 - How to Change Your Mindset for Selling
Chapter 6 - Rapport Formation
Chapter 7 - How To Find Real Prospects
Chapter 8 - Two Major Skills of Sales
Chapter 9 - The Art of Storytelling
Chapter 10 - Advance Level of Rapport Formation
Chapter 11 - How to Convert Cold Market Into Hot Market
Last updated 06/2022
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Sales are all about listening to people and prescribing a solution. In every job you'll come across sales moments, whether you're selling yourself in a job interview or selling products to customers - it's an essential skill in all career paths. Sales need not be slimy, immoral, or complicated - it's simply about getting the best solution for the customer so they are thrilled to buy from you.

With this course you can maximise your sales potential in just a few minutes - if you're already working in sales, or looking for a lucrative and enjoyable future career, effective selling is a valuable skill that you definitely need to master.

What Will I Learn?
  • What is Sales?
  • Potential of Sales Profession
  • Must have skills of Selling
  • How to convert Cold to Hot?
  • Objection handling
  • Ethics of Sales
  • Side Effects of Sales Profession
  • Identify the Prospect
  • Objection handling
  • Make them say YES
  • Smartphone.
  • A willingness to learn and situations to be practised is advised.
Skills covered in this course
  • Public speaking
  • Finding prospects
  • Cold to hot conversion
  • Solution-oriented personality buildup.

Ashutosh Pratihast
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