Short VideoPreneur

Course Overview

The way people consume content online has changed – people’s expectations are of content provided in bite-sized blocks, fast! And in an endless scroll-fest of a mobile phone, users have limited time and focus, so to grab their attention video is an excellent tool.
Compared to the traditional type of content, 85% of messages retained were content in a video format. Video increases conversions and sales by up to 80%, Video ads have a far higher reach than regular image or text ads. The statistics showing how videos are favourable to your social media presence are endless, they are truly irreplaceable.
As a business owner or marketer, you can utilize video to your advantage throughout the entire customer buying journey  – getting your product or service in front of a larger audience. Until recently video was only available to larger businesses with higher budgets.

Today though, even a solopreneur like myself can produce high-quality videos without huge costs or time spent.

Course Objectives

How to grow your business?
How many types of videos are there?
Basics & equipments
How to choose viral topics for videos?
How to rank your video?
Short videos & Reels ideas
Tips to grow your instagram
How to monetize your social media
Lead generation through videos
How to get filtered leads?
How to get J-curve in sales?
Passive usage of videos
How to plan your videos so they achieve your goals
How to storyboard your videos
Create a script to make the entire process seamless and easy
Create an example video using my chosen video platform

Willingness to learn.

Different types of videos you can make

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