Stock Research Mastery

Empower beginners with comprehensive stock research insights, covering tools, concepts, and risk management to make informed investment decisions independently.

Course Overview

This course is designed for beginners who have little or no idea about Investments. Generally beginners depend on Tips to get information about stocks and many lose money in the process. Stock research is a process where we have discussed tools, websites, concepts, terms and risk management. This will help investors to develop own framework while investing in stock without depending on third party tips from any source.

Course Objectives

Tools for stock research
Websites for stock research
Concepts, terms of stock research
Risk management
To develop own framework while investing

Anyone With A Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet Or Smartphone can learn
Internet connection

You will get live demo of various tools required for stock research
In an easy to understand manner, learners will get idea of concepts
Both Numbers and beyond numbers aspects of stock research are discussed
Risk and red flags during investment is focused
Picking and researching stock for wealth creation.
Understanding management and assessing risk
Getting idea of Income statement, Balance sheet and cash flow statement
Practical learning to get confidence for stock research yourself.

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